Add this to my “WTF did I just do” list of creations.

Notable Tools used – Gretsch kit, 13″ Keplinger, Rhodes 73, M-12 Bass, SEM, Prophet 08, Voyager RME, Octatrack, Roland 5080, Toy Piano.

SEM / Drum nänˌsens

Drum / Synth improvisation wankery.

Tools used:

  • Oberheim SEM controlled via VC/Clockworks
  • DS-1
  • Gretsch Jaspers
  • 13″ Kepplinger snare

Sub/Speaker kick mic test

A comparison between a NS10, Auratone, & an exposed speaker when used as a “Sub kick” microphone. I prefer the extended low end extension of the “speaker on a stick”.


Dolby A “trick” frequency plots.

Ever curious what the Dolby A “trick” is doing to your audio? This is a frequency plot from -62dBu / 26dBu in 2dB steps.

Dolby A encoder on/off comparison via exaggerated smashed to hell room mics.