MPC3000 vs Pro Tools

I decided to run a quick comparison between programing a 2 bar drum loop via the Akai MPC 3000 & doing the same via Protools/midi track & a software sampler. I used the same samples for both. (my MFB-522 sample set.) I transferred the samples into the MPC via the analog  i/o. I also wanted to compare the “swing”, For the MPC I set the swing to 52%, & for the protools midi track I applied the “MPC 52%” swing quantize. The swing is very very close but you can hear a difference with the hats & dual snare hits. The biggest audible difference is from the MPC’s signal-path. The MPC changes the overall frequency response & can add some grit if pushed.

I have to mention this comparison is only focusing on the “sound” not the functionality or advantages of using one over the other. For myself the MPC is 2nd to none with realtime sequencing workflow & interchange with my hardware synths/outboard. DAW midi timing/latency has never been consistent for me when dealing with hardware.

These are the results of my comparison.

MPC3000 vs Protools by Rhythm In Mind

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  • Hello, ( sorry for my bad english …i’m french ! :-)

    Nice comparaison…i’ve seen the same things in Cubase …the groove is bad two…too much robot than a MPC 3000 oR 60 ( same os )
    Do u know this ?
    Do you think is good ?
    I’ve tried this in Reason 5 , it(s cool ! More groove in yours tracks !
    Why other sequencers n’inregre this function in the Reason “regroove” is really very convenient …
    Do you know a vst plugins which is dedicated to the “groove”?

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