Room Mic Comparison

Late night tracking session for upcoming compilation, Set up three different stereo room fill mics. What pair sounds best? Keep in mind they will ultimately be mixed with the spot mics & overheads.

What drum room mic configuration do you prefer?

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6 Responses to Room Mic Comparison

  • I vote B :). Are you planning to sample some rooms for Nebula? I’d be interested for sure

  • They all sound great – the PZM for a rounder old-skool feel, the 414 or MD1 for a bit more punch!

  • They all sound great! They each have a different “flavour”. Perhaps the PZM’s are my favourite overall… then again the MD-1’s have character for miles. I guess it would depend on the context of the track and the mix.

  • If You could put those tube mics in MS that could be your way to go.. but I liked it the most anyway.. (voted for MD-1) ;)

  • I really dig the PZMs since this is going to be mixed with the other mics. What’s nice is that the drums don’t punch so much, leaving more of the thick and juicy room sound. Brighten it a little and add some real character rather than too clean sound of the others.

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