Driven synth experiment – analog synthesis via Amp/Cabs + Drums

The result of Metal influence & a pile of analog synthesis/Drums.
Being a fan of “Doom metal” & a synth freak can be rather conflicting at times. In an attempt to converge the two I figured some Amp (more importantly Cab) sound was in order. I tracked the dominant synth & bass lines with traditional mic’d guitar amp methods. 4×12 for the Prophet08 lead & a 4×10 for the Moog bass line. Drum parts tracked live (Gretsch Kit) , a few sequenced SEM & x0xB0x moments to keep things moving, & a fair amount of Tape/MF-104 delay to gel it together.  The video is some chaos recorded from the night of drum tracking, the synth instrumentation, & a little time-lapse of the sun coming up after a late night mix.


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