Miscellaneous works / as of Late.


Abstract four song analog experiment EP.. The outcome of drums, analog synths, mangled distortions, & questionable sanity.

Back Story: I’m about to turn the page & enter a new musical direction. Over the past couple months I’ve had to reevaluate my methods & tools for creating music. I was finding myself dissatisfied with both the process & final outcome. So I worked out my method, reasoning, & invested in some tools to help that process along. Before I start this next phase I’ve created this abstract four song analog experiment from the music created during this “testing” period. I found these four tracks to have recurring themes & worked well in series. (Similar drum feels, Rhodes lines, & chaotic bass/synth phrases).
Some have heard these as works in progress & premasters. For those that haven’t you might find something to enjoy or relate with. All in all it’s an interesting flow of noize.



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